About Pete

Pete Mockaitis headshHi, I’m Pete. I’m an author and speaker who works with leaders of college student organizations, teaching them practical ways to get better results on campus. I have a lot of fun traveling all over doing my keynotes and workshops, and I also enjoy giving out a couple of signed copies of my book to students who participate in the audience.

Whenever we have extra time for questions, inevitably multiple students will raise their hands and ask, “Can I get a book?” I was frustrated that I didn’t have the the suitcase space to give a physical book to everyone who wanted it.

Now, for your convenience, The Student Leader’s Field Guide is available here to download along with dozens of useful articles.

Please share the book far and wide, and link to it so your student leaders can prosper. If you’d like to book me to speak, or just say hello, please email me, at pete[at]petemockaitis.com

So, check out the free book and articles. I hope you enjoy and wish you the best for your organization’s success.