What Should I Do Today?

(We’re Glad You Asked.)

Have you ever woken up and asked yourself, What should I do today?  The thought of it might make you laugh.  College can be busy, that’s for sure, and if you’re involved on campus in student organizations, you might already have a dozen things to do before the words What should I do today? can even make it past your lips.  But college is also a time of weird schedules and random hiccups of inactivity between bursts of business.  You may indeed find yourself in the middle of one such lull, and wonder, Just what should I do today to take advantage of this? If so, we’re here to help.

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Post

Like we just noted, breaks can be rare, but they will mercifully come along once in a while. When they do, and you finally find yourself wondering, What should I do today? look no further than this post, which features StudentLeadership.info’s one-of-a-kind What Should I Do Today? Flowchart! Of course these suggestions, while in some cases specific, are meant to offer inspiration to getting you, the over-achiever, through this gloriously obligation-free day having still accomplished something. Take them literally or use them as a starting point for getting your own ideas flowing. But most importantly, enjoy the rest of your day!

"What should I do today?" A flowchart with options

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