SMART Goals Worksheet

The SMART Goals Worksheet: Our Top 5 Selections

Are you looking for a way to start setting SMART goals?

We talked about SMART goals earlier this month, and pointed out how, by being Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Timed, SMART goals can lead to more robust results.  Many universities and business organizations provide versions of a SMART goals worksheet to help you get started.

We’ve developed our own SMART goals worksheet for you to try (.doc formatting):

Download our SMART goals worksheet (.doc)

A SMART goals worksheet can make planning easier by giving you a visual guide, but the SMART goals worksheet that some sites are offering is superior to other versions.  Here are our top 5 examples of a SMART goals worksheet.

#5 has a SMART goals worksheet that, unfortunately, isn’t much of a worksheet.  After giving the reader a lengthy outline explaining the SMART goals system (which we discussed in an earlier post), there are some blank pages where you can set your objectives.  The SMART goals worksheet isn’t compatible with a text editor either, so unless you’re printing off copies, it’s not very convenient to use with a computer. And as long as you’re printing off the worksheet, you might as well check out some superior versions of the SMART goals worksheet.


You could say’s SMART goals worksheet is the industry standard: a straightforward table left blank for you to complete, with no frills and no additional space for exploration.  It’s fixed to a long-term timeframe, with space for adding updates after the 6-month mark.  You can edit the SMART goals worksheet in Microsoft Word if you wish to change the default timeframe.


Dare Dreamer Media has developed a very nice-looking SMART goals worksheet with several tables where you can list your goal, and then identify how it fits the SMART criteria.  The instructions are simple but helpful, including the suggestion to mix up short-term and long-term goals (an interesting twist).  Like our #5 pick, it isn’t compatible with a text editor, so you’ll have to print the SMART goals worksheet out.

#2 has designed a very comprehensive SMART goals worksheet that diverges from the table format you’ll find in other versions, and instead reads more like a questionnaire.  In addition to a section where you can measure your goal alongside the SMART goals criteria, OfficeArrow’s SMART goals worksheet includes questions about the benefits of the goal and also asks you to identify potential obstacles, solutions, and the resources you’re going to seek out.  It’s in a rich text format, making it compatible with computer users and as a printout.


Will Meier at Coaching for Impact has developed a SMART goals worksheet that is visually engaging, but isn’t compatible with a text editor—you’ll have to print the SMART goals worksheet off if you plan to use it.  The nice feature that puts this SMART goals worksheet ahead of the others? Coaching for Impact’s SMART goals worksheet includes a section for brainstorming action steps that assist with the goal-setting process.

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