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Being Productive

6 Tips for Being Productive You have to wonder–has being productive always been this difficult?  With another school year just ahead of us, it’s time to start prepping ourselves once again for the battle between being productive and the thousands

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SMART Goal Examples

SMART Goal Examples to Guide Your Goal-Setting The SMART goals system is an easy resource for creating thoughtful goals and testing the merits of existing ones.  Here are some SMART goal examples that will help you unlock the full power

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Student Speaker

6 Tips to Becoming a Scare-Proof Student Speaker If you’re going to lead your organization effectively, you’ll have to learn to be a student speaker who is comfortable talking to large groups.  It’s true that nothing can strike fear into

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Increasing Student Engagement

2 Don’ts and 4 Do’s for Increasing Student Engagement in Your Organization As the coming school year inches closer and closer, we wanted to help all of you leaders out there to prepare for what’s to come.  Today, we’re going

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Event Ideas for College Students

3 Event Ideas for College Students to Bring Instant Fame to Your Name You know what?  Some of you out there are in a league of your own: you belong to student organizations that consistently aim high in everything you

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College Speakers

8 Tips for Staging Events with College Speakers Inviting college speakers is something many student organizations are familiar with.  In fact, your first experience with your own student organization might very well have been coming out and seeing some college

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How Leadership Influences Student Learning

5 Ways Leadership Makes You Smarter It shouldn’t surprise us, when we look at how leadership influences student learning, that we find a correlation between leadership and high academic performance.  Some people just seem to have it all, and we

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Student Leadership Programs

Class Is in Session: Student Leadership Programs 101 With classes only a couple of weeks away, there’s a lot on your mind.  But don’t forget to look into your school’s student leadership programs, as well as some of the national

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How to Create a Portfolio

What Student Leaders Can Gain from Knowing How to Create a Portfolio If you’re looking into how to create a portfolio, congratulations!  This means you at least know what an e-portfolio is, and why they’re becoming more and more important

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How to Lead

5 Tips for How to Lead Your Student Organization Whether you’re moving up in your organization and want to know how to lead, or you’ve been a leader for a while but still feel unsure about how to lead the

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