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Increasing Student Engagement

2 Don’ts and 4 Do’s for Increasing Student Engagement in Your Organization As the coming school year inches closer and closer, we wanted to help all of you leaders out there to prepare for what’s to come.  Today, we’re going

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College Speakers

8 Tips for Staging Events with College Speakers Inviting college speakers is something many student organizations are familiar with.  In fact, your first experience with your own student organization might very well have been coming out and seeing some college

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How Leadership Influences Student Learning

5 Ways Leadership Makes You Smarter It shouldn’t surprise us, when we look at how leadership influences student learning, that we find a correlation between leadership and high academic performance.  Some people just seem to have it all, and we

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Student Engagement Activities

What Kinds of Student Engagement Activities Work Best? Student leaders aren’t the only ones in search of the best student engagement activities.  Many universities have full-time staff whose job it is to plan student engagement activities.  What does this tell

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College Events Ideas

11 Events That Will Electrify Your Campus Campuses can be busy places, and amid the constant rush of college events ideas can be hard to come by, especially college events ideas that are original, exciting, and that will keep your

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