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How to Write a Constitution

Imagine having a document that clearly explained your organization’s leadership roles, defined its purpose, listed the requirements for membership, and just made your life easier in general by serving as a guide for you and your group.  It might be

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Student Engagement Activities

What Kinds of Student Engagement Activities Work Best? Student leaders aren’t the only ones in search of the best student engagement activities.  Many universities have full-time staff whose job it is to plan student engagement activities.  What does this tell

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How to Achieve Your SMART Goal with Smart Delegation It would be nice if simply setting a SMART goal meant instant success.  But the reality is you and your student organization need to follow up on every SMART goal you

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Goal Setting Worksheet

Your Roommates Wouldn’t Understand This Goal Setting Worksheet Everybody has goals.  Even your unmotivated roommate who rarely budges from the couch has goals.  But one difference between you and your roommate is that, as a leader, you plan in advance,

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College Events Ideas

11 Events That Will Electrify Your Campus Campuses can be busy places, and amid the constant rush of college events ideas can be hard to come by, especially college events ideas that are original, exciting, and that will keep your

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Intrapersonal Communication

How to Master the Art of Conversation—with Yourself According to ancient myth, the Greeks consulted an oracle for answers to the pressing questions of their time. At the oracle’s temple, there was a command etched into the stone above the

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How Leadership Influences Students

Predicting Success in College and Beyond What are the best ways to predict success after college?  When we look at how leadership influences students, we not only see the benefits of being involved on your campus, but the benefits of

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Elevator Speech

How to Turn Listeners into Supporters An elevator speech is a short and simple pitch for an idea.  The goal with an elevator speech is to grab a listener’s attention and convert that attention into action—all in a very short

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Meeting Icebreakers

5 Easy Meeting Icebreakers for Any Size Group Never underestimate the importance of meeting icebreakers.  Meeting icebreakers are the first step to building a community in your group.  Standing before a room of eager faces, many of them unfamiliar, you’ll

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SMART Goals Worksheet

The SMART Goals Worksheet: Our Top 5 Selections Are you looking for a way to start setting SMART goals?

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